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reduce CO2 emissions globally

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About Us

Innovation is at the core of what we do as a company. Founded in July 2020, Copper & Carbon (Cu&C) is an Energy Tech StartUp based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide by developing innovative products and services such as cheaper electricity, affordable lighting, carbon-neutral automotive solutions, waste reduction, and smart systems that will help us shift towards a greener future.

These solutions will help close the gap forged between modern human civilization and nature, re-framing our environment and leading the next generations into a prosperous and sustainable future.


More than 100,000 commercial wind turbines are installed worldwide that can only generate rated power at wind speeds above 12-15m/s, which is not the usual case with wind availability on sites throughout the year. On average, wind speed is constant between 7-12 m/s annually.

Electrical load on the grid is continuously rising day by day. Few of the main enablers for this rise are Electric Vehicles, electrically powered heating and cooking appliances at homes, world economy’s reliability on digital data centers and our society’s use of digital and social media etc.

With only 15% of UK’s electricity being generated from renewable sources, we are heading towards Net Zero with our hands tied on our back. The industry demands for a technological shift.


At Copper & Carbon, we are currently working on 2 innovative projects that will help achieve this technological shift.

Short Term

Project IRIS

A small but highly efficient Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine

Long Term

Project CREG

A Contra Rotating Electrical Generator for commercial Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines

Our Ambition

"To Build A Carbon Neutral World, One Step At A Time"

May 2022

Project IRIS - Stage 1 Prototype
Construction Completed

November 2021

Team grows from 5 to 9

August 2021

R&D on Project IRIS begins

February 2021

Copper & Carbon secures KSP Grant from DWP

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November 2020

Project IRIS Idea Inception

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July 2020

Copper & Carbon officially registers as a company

company house logo

March 2020

Beginning of the Pandemic

January 2020

Start Up Journey Begins in Edinburgh

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July 2019

Cu&C Awarded Place at EBS Incubator

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January 2015

Project CREG Idea Inception

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